Hunt Location

This area has an excellent population of Merriams Turkeys, as well as other wildlife. Located in a secluded cabin in the scenic Sacramento Mountains area of the Lincoln National Forest in the vicinity of Cloudcroft, NM. Take a look at the turkey cam to see some of the birds that you will encounter.

Hunters will likely see large numbers of elk and deer and their sheds, as well as turkeys. Gobblers are plentiful and, although we cannot guarantee success, our hunters generally have a reasonable opportunity to harvest a gobbler, and possibly a second bird.

The hunting method used, if using our assistance, is by locating gobblers and trying to call them to the hunters. Hunters will generally have the opportunity to hear and work gobblers on a daily basis, but these Merriams gobblers will test the skills of even the most accomplished turkey hunters. Hunters should not expect the hunting to be easy for our birds!

The hunt is on mostly public land (National Forest) and on limited private land holdings. Prospective hunters are advised that elevations for the hunt range from 7,000 to 9,500ft. hunters should be in reasonable condition for hunting in mountainous terrain.

Hunting Location: